SIV & IV Fund

The Significant Investor Visa (SIV or 188C) and Investor Visa (IV or 188B) scheme is an initiative by the Australian Government to drive innovation and contribute to Australia’s economic growth by attracting high-net-worth migrant investors who seek permanent residency in Australia. 

Investments that grow with you.

Markuan SIV IV Fund provides investors with a simplified, flexible choice of investment options that are complying investments for the purposes of both visas. 

The complying investments include three components: Balancing Investment (REITs with prime location commercial properties as fund’s underlying assets ensuring capital stability and appreciation), Emerging Companies (Small-Cap Fund) and Venture Capital Limited Partnership (Private Equity Fund).

As an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensed manager, Markuan is also a full member of the Financial Services Council (FSC), a peak body which sets mandatory standards and develops policy in the Australian Financial Services Sector. Our SIV funds are listed under the FSC’s 12 Compliant SIV Funds List. 

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