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  • Our fund’s underlying assets consist of ‘must have’ real estate properties located in prime locations in major cities across Australia. These properties exhibit strong resistance to risk, with significantly potential for appreciation in value.

  • We possess a robust IN-HOUSE team of experienced professionals specializing in real estate and financial services. We have adopted standardized internal quality control system (i.e., ISO 9001), and consistently enhances them to ensure more rigorous and efficient internal control of investment risks.

  • We co-invest in all our projects and offer principal protection to our investors via internal credit enhancement mechanisms. We believe delivering long term stable returns is fundamental to mutual success’.

  • Beyond excelling in investment expertise, we take pride in possessing a formidable in-house property development and construction capability, driven by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Kepen. Moreover, we have adopted ISO 9001 as the gold standard for our quality management system, ensuring a more rigorous and efficient internal control of investment risks.

  • Since our inception, we have maintained our flawless track record of capital preservation, with zero loss of any investor’s capital or interest on our investments.

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